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Locally Sourced. Locally Crafted. Distribution throughout Ontario.

Milk & Cream

Our milk products are NOT homogenized, meaning the milk fat is in its natural state and will gradually rise to the top of the bottle. Because the fats are whole, the milk naturally tastes sweeter than homogenized milk, and steamed milk becomes the thickest froth your latte can experience. It is also much easier to digest.

Our milk is minimally pasteurized at 72 degrees for 16 seconds. This keeps nutrients intact and easier to digest.

Our whole milk is always over 4% butter fat, but ranges from 4% in the summer time to 4.5% in the winter time.

We are the first Canadian farm to offer A2 milk, which has a simpler beta-casein that is less likely to trigger lactose issues. Giving your lactose-sensitive customers the opportunity to enjoy fresh milk again is a win for everyone.

Our seasonal flavoured milks are a popular choice for families, and they are sweetened with only natural cane sugar. 

Nobody can top our heavy cream, boasting 45% milk fat, the richest whipping cream on the market.


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