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Locally Sourced. Locally Crafted. Distribution throughout Ontario.

Citizen Decaf Coffee- CASE of 6

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Citizen Decaf Coffee (sold per case)

If caffeine isn't in the cards today, meet Citizen Decaf - full flavour, no compromise - a delicious cup that won't keep you up.
Case size, 6 units, 340g each

MSRP: $17.50

Pourover Brewing Parameters (Single Serving):

  • COFFEE AMOUNT - 24 grams medium-ground coffee
  • WATER AMOUNT - 384ml hot water
  • BREWING TIME - 2:30–3:00 minutes
  • RATIO 15g water : 1g coffee

Espresso Brewing Parameters (Using an 18g VST basket):

  • AMOUNT - 18g ground coffee, 36g liquid espresso
  • GROUPHEAD - 201F
  • PRESSURE - 9 bars
  • EXTRACTION - 23-32 seconds